A.B. Grooming & Pet Spa -

You want the best for your pet, and so do we at A. B. Grooming and Pet Spa! Our goal is to provide your pet with a professional groom in a calm environment. Unlike typical groom shops that can often be noisy and stressful, we provide a relaxing spa environment in which your pet is groomed and pampered. We work by individual appointment only, allowing your pet to receive the full attention of our experienced canine groomer, Amy Brown or certified feline master groomer, Kelcie Brown. 

Working by appointment means your pet does not have to spend hours away from home in a crate once groomed.Your pet is given an appointment slot for the estimated grooming time (usually between one and a half to two hours*) and only remains with us for the amount of time required to complete the groom. During this time, your pet is pampered with the highest quality products on the market and is, under most conditions, allowed free roam of the studio as they await your return. 

*This is an estimated time, which varies depending on the breed of dog, size of dog, condition of the dog's coat, and type of coat. 

A wide array of products are kept in stock and used according to each pet's need. These products include medicated shampoos, aromatherapy shampoos as well as all natural flea shampoos and dips. Your pet is treated to a hydrotherapy bath in a soothing spa tub. All dogs are hand dried; we do not cage dry dogs, as this can be dangerous or even fatal to your dog (not to mention uncomfortable!). Our studio even features a walk-in shower to accommodate the largest of pets!

Our main concern is the comfort of your pet. If at any time during the grooming process your pet becomes too stressed, then we will not continue. Your pet's health and well-being is more important than anything else.


Contact us today to schedule your pet's appointment or if you have any questions! Because many of our clients prefer to pre-book appointments, we stay booked several weeks in advance so be sure to call ahead! Also note that we are especially busy during the holidays. Because grooming is a delicate process, it often cannot be interrupted. Thus, if your call is not answered, please leave a brief message and your call will be returned.