A.B. Grooming & Pet Spa -
Cat Grooming Services:
  • Shorthair Full Coat Groom - $39, Shorthair cats under 12 pounds receive a bath, blow-dry, brush-out, ear cleaning, and nail trim.
  • Longhair Full Coat Groom - $52, Longhair cats of any size OR shorthair cats over 12 pounds receive a sanitary clip, face trim, bath, blow-dry, brush-out, ear cleaning, and nail trim. 

Additional Services:

  • De-shed Treatment - $10 (*Free* with your cat's first visit, where applicable)
  • Toe Tuft Trim - $10
  • Belly Shave - $10 
  • Lion Cut - $15
  • Softpaw Application for Front Nails - $15
  • Softpaw Application for Back Nails - $10
  • Softpaw Application for Front & Back Nails - $22
The additional services listed are offered as add-ons to a basic groom. De-shed treatments, toe tuft trims, belly shaves, and lion cuts cannot be purchased separately. Softpaw application purchased without a basic groom are priced as follows: front nails - $20, back nails - $15, front & back - $32. 

Surcharges will be incurred for matting, pelting, fecal removal, or other conditions caused by neglect, as they require more time and work to rectify and cause more stress for the cat. An official quote for the price can be given at drop-off when the appropriate services are determined. 

Our cat grooming services are provided on cat-exclusive days, meaning no dogs are allowed during that period, as we strive to make your pet's grooming experience as comfortable as possible. 

Think your cat "grooms" itself well enough on its own? Think it hates water? Or think it couldn't be groomed without sedation? Read More About Cat Grooming to learn how every cat can benefit from a regular, professional groom! 


Contact us today to schedule your pet's appointment or if you have any questions! Because many of our clients prefer to pre-book appointments, we stay booked several weeks in advance so be sure to call ahead! Also note that we are especially busy during the holidays. Because grooming is a delicate process, it often cannot be interrupted. Thus, if your call is not answered, please leave a brief message and your call will be returned.