A.B. Grooming & Pet Spa -
Dog Grooming Services:

  • Bath & Nails - All dog baths include two shampoos, a blueberry facial, a conditioning if necessary, anal gland expression, ear cleaning (and plucking, if necessary), and a hand drying. The toe nails are trimmed and may be rounded using a dremel if the pet allows.
  • Bath & Tidy - Includes everything above with the addition of a sanitary clip and trimming of feet, face, and bottom.
  • Full Groom - Includes the details of a bath and tidy with full grooming of the body.
  • Bath & Deshed - Cuts shedding by 85% and is great for short haired coats!
  • Medicated Baths - Helps pets with skin problems!
  • Flea Baths - All natural flea baths do not interfere with topical flea products.

Spa Services:

  • Mud Baths - Exfoliates the skin and opens the pores, allowing for better performance of medicated shampoos. Excellent for dogs with skin conditions!
  • Mineral Salt Soak - Reduces inflammation and pain in joints. Excellent for geriatric dogs with arthritis and dogs with joint problems!  
  • Color Enhancing - Enhances the natural color of the coat. Requires a special appointment; ask for details when scheduling. 
  • Creative Coloring - Semi-permanent and temporary colors available.


We do not give quotes without seeing the dog, but you can call today for an estimated price! The actual price of the services is dependent upon many factors. Anything that increases the difficulty of the groom or the time required to complete the groom increases the price.

  • Breed of dog - Different breeds require different services that vary in difficulty. Breeds that require more work have costlier prices.
  • Size of dog - Larger dogs require more time to complete than smaller dogs, and are thus, more expensive.
  • Temperament of the dog - Although our groomer specializes in "difficult" dogs, nervous or aggressive dogs must be groomed slowly and carefully to prevent further stressing your dog.
  • Age of the dog - Young pups can be wiggly and nervous, while older dogs need gentle care. Older dogs may also have loose skin that can be easily cut if the proper care is not taken as well other health problems that may be aggravated if the services are rushed.
  • Type of coat - Dogs have varying coat types, even among the same breed. Thicker coats require more thorough washing, rinsing, drying, brushing, and combing.
  • Condition of the coat - If a coat is matted, the matts must be removed before the dog can even be bathed. Because extra care must be taken to remove matts without injuring the dog, an additional fee will be added to the total price. Also, if fleas and/or ticks are present on the dog, then for the safety of your dog as well others visiting the studio, an all natural flea dip is required at an additional fee. 
  • Condition of the skin - Dogs with skin problems often require medicated baths at an additional fee.
  • Type of groom - The groom you request also influences the price. For example, some poodle grooms require plenty of scissoring while others consist of clipping the body and legs.


Contact us today to schedule your pet's appointment or if you have any questions! Because many of our clients prefer to pre-book appointments, we stay booked several weeks in advance so be sure to call ahead! Also note that we are especially busy during the holidays. Because grooming is a delicate process, it often cannot be interrupted. Thus, if your call is not answered, please leave a brief message and your call will be returned.